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  • Once a week to three times, soak for 20 minutes, the water temperature is maintained at 36 ℃, soaked with water and rinse (usually 2-3 times per week).
  • ❤Note: This product is for external use only, can not be used in the case of abnormal damage such as wounds, rash, inflammation, swelling and pain, sunburn skin.
  • ❤Open immediately after use. Please keep this product in a cool place, the sun can not direct the place.
  • ❤【How to use the bath】 The bathtub into warm water, take the right amount of explosive salt into the bathtub, the explosive salt gradually dissolve in the water at the same time will release a lot of bubbles, and emit fragrant smell, then the pool bath, began to enjoy the unique spa hot bath .
  • ❤【Bathing foot usage】 Put into the pot moderate amount of warm water, take the explosion salt 1-2 into them, soak in the middle 10-15 minutes. (When the salt into the water, the water from the inside rolling like boiling, the foot into the water, comfortable and moist, tender and comfortable after using the foot)

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