Amazon: Permanent Hair Removal System 500,000 Flashes for Women and Men, Professional Hair Treatment for Home Use – $60 (Reg: $120)

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Product Description

  • 【Painless Alternative to Shaving】-Do you still use a traditional razor to remove hair? Are you always annoyed by unwanted body hair? If yes, stop shaving or waxing the painful way and try out the IPL hair removal system. It is the technology to put hair follicles to resting phase which in turn breaks the hair regrowth cycle.
  • 【Adjustable Intensity Levels】- Our IPL hair removal system offers you 5 different light intensities according to your skin tone and hair color. Furthermore, it provides 500,000 flashes to ensure that you will hardly need to spend more money on hair removing. When you use our hair remover for the first time, please select start from level I, and adjust different light intensity levels according to your condition.
  • 【Auto and Manual Modes】- This hair removal for women and men has two different modes to satisfy your demand. If you want to clean some small areas like armpit, fingers and bikini line., manual mode is the best choice for you as you can control carefully and focus on the spot. If large epilating areas such as arms, abdomen and legs are needed, you can choose auto mode to use as it would save you both time and effort.
  • 【Permanent and Painless】- Do you often feel upset because razors can’t remove hairs effectively? Now let the new “IPL hair removal” solve your problem. This device would not only help you get rid of hair permanently, but also painlessly, because it utilizes a special wavelength of light to obtain the hairless stage and no shaving or waxing is involved.
  • 【Remove Hair at Home】- While going to the clinic for a hair removing therapy sounds like a decent choice for a hair-free summer, it is costly and very hard to plan ahead. With this lovely IPL hair removal for women, going through summer confidently and comfortably is never so easy. You can use it at home whenever you want! Follow the sessions carefully it would give the same results but would cost you one tenth the price at a clinic.

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