Amazon: Kids “I Can Do It!” Caterpillar Token Board – Perfect for Ages 3-10 – $6.95

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  • PROMOTES GOOD HABITS THROUGH POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT – For years parenting books have been stressing the benefits of motivating children to engage in positive actions rather than trying to control their behavior. The “I Can Do It!” Token Board brings this lesson to life, providing an easy and productive approach to any particular task.
  • PERFECT FOR FOCUSING ON SPECIFIC TASK – The “I Can Do It!” Token Board is our most versatile chart because it allows you to focus on whichever specific task, behavior, or goal you’d like your child to improve. The chart is fully compatible with dry erase markers. There’s a place for your child’s name, goal, and five star-rewards boxes. It also works with most Autism picture programs.
  • FOR LONG TERM AND SHORT TERM GOALS – Applicable for big-picture and small-picture issues, this reward system is versatile. It can help your child sit still at the dinner table or get their homework done without complaining. It can also be used to track good deeds, exercising, booking reading, and can even be used to encourage taking medicine.
  • SIMPLE AND PRACTICAL FOR EVERYONE – The laminate board includes 8 sturdy and reusable plastic stars which attach easily to the chart. Because it can be customized and there is only one chore, it is easy for both you and your child to plot and follow their actions. Great for ages 3-10.
  • EASY TO HANG AND TRANSPORT – This chart measures 5” by 9” and features strong magnetic backing to hold it securely to any metal surface. It is great for use as a portable reward system. Encourage positive behavior even on the go, in restaurants, doctors’ offices, and more!

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